A Social Media Case Study – Julie Conway Freelance Make-Up Artist

make-up-160x106I’m often asked what would you post about when you look after clients by providing treatments for a living.

Julie Conway has an active social media presence, and she’s not just posting before and after pictures of the makeup looks she achieves, she posts pictures of herself actually doing things like preparing for a wedding party of six, and all of the different tasks she does on a daily basis.

And while her everyday tasks probably seem  (more…)

Using Testimonials to Build Your Credibility

So what is a Testimonial?

testimonial-image-e1398866368489‘Testimonial’ comes from an old latin word meaning ‘evidence’.
Here are two definitions I found:

•    A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim.
•    A written affirmation of another’s character or worth; a personal recommendation.

You want something that will convince prospective clients you can get the results they’re after.

The person providing the testimonial needs to be (more…)

The story of the Aran Islands Knitwear website

childrens-aran-cardigans-e1389345811656When Cian Geoghegan and his wife Paula contacted us about setting up a website for their shop we went over to Galway city to check out their shop and see what we could do, and to check out if we could help.

I couldn’t believe my eyes – the Galway Woolen Market shop in 21 High Street is a veritable treasure trove of all things Aran, from traditional aran jumpers to children’s wear, and even the wool to knit your own Aran jumper!

Cian amazed me even more when he told me they had a second (more…)

Good Outsourcing Candidates

good outsourcing candidatesAny business – whether it is a home business or a large corporate venture – entails a lot of things. With a large business, it is quite easy to see that there are a lot of things involved, but even with home businesses there are various processes, such as the planning aspect, the finding work aspect, the execution of the tasks aspect, the communication aspect, the payment handling and accounting aspect and the further investment aspect. If you are planning to be a home business entrepreneur, you can see that there are various things for you to do. So, which of these can you outsource?

Now, with the Internet making the whole world such a closely-knit domain, you can find professionals to handle all kinds of tasks. They will even plan a whole business venture for you if you have the funds. However, at least initially, you will be on a budget and would like to outsource only things that you really cannot do.

The best idea, then, is to outsource some of the execution aspect of your business. Like, if your home business is about handling content writing jobs, you could outsource the actual writing part. However, the things that are integral for keeping your business going such as planning, obtaining work, communicating with clients, payment handling, etc. should be done by yourself. A lot of people obtain work for higher sums of money and pay a flat rate to writers whom they outsource the work to, keeping the difference as their earnings.


Getting Tasks Completed With Outsourcers

If you have been following closely until now, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get your job done to your satisfaction. But, there are times when difficulties begin to creep in.

One thing that you shouldn’t tolerate at all is non-responsiveness. On the Internet, the unsaid rule is that any professional email must be replied to within 24 hours, or sooner if your agreement is to that effect. If you are in the same time zone, there’s no reason to wait for 24 hours either. If you don’t get your reply within that time, you might as well begin looking somewhere else.

Another thing that is of utmost importance is quality. Even if your outsourcing professional has been providing you good work, do keep checking on it often. Remember that you are not seeing these people. Some of them might pass on their work to cheaper people and work as middlepersons. When that happens, quality definitely goes down.

If you are outsourcing your work, make it a point to outsource it directly to the person who will execute the job and not to a middleperson.