Is Your Website Secured Against Hackers?

hacked website IrelandNowadays every business needs a strong online presence – a website that will attract visitors and then provide them with the information they are looking for to help them to make the decision to contact your business. But have you given any thought as to how secure your website is from hackers?

Website security is often only considered when it’s too late, and your site has been hacked. The resulting inconvenience and headaches this can cause for the business owner can be disruptive at best, and is often very damaging to any business. It’s surprising to find most business owners don’t have a crash / hack recovery service. They don’t even have a back-up copy of their website. So when the site goes down, or is the victim of a malicious hacker, the site has to be re-written from scratch.

NOT securing your website from hackers is akin to getting an alarm put on your house after the burglars have been in and cleaned out all of your valuables – while you had no house insurance!

Here are some of the many ways a hacker can gain access to your website…