Importance OF Social Media Marketing

Over the past few years, social media has increasingly gained popularity as a channel of marketing and maintaining good customer relations. There are varying reasons why an individual company would need marketing through social media and depends on factors such as the products, the company profile and the kind of customers it caters to. Knowing such factors enables the company to tailor is social media marketing strategies to ensure that they are utilized in an optimum fashion. Below is the importance of marketing through social media sites.

• Increases a Company’s Goodwill and Trustworthiness

Using social media sites offers the company an opportunity to build customer trust and loyalty. This creates a chance to develop a solid reputation and branding. Through social media sites, customers can engage the company in conversations, thus creating a great amount of credibility on the part of the company.

• Lead Generation

From television to email messages, modern customers are bombarded by advertising messages and ‘noise’ from all corners. This causes them to develop an instinct to block out such messages. However, social media marketing offers a friendly and welcoming way to reach out to potential customers. For example, interesting and relevant content on the company’s blogs or websites can generate new leads for the business.

• Ease and Flexibility

Social media sites also ensure that companies can engage with their customers effortlessly and flexibly. This is a crucial exercise as it helps the company retain its customers and build its brand. Social media channels also offer a cheap way of announcing the company’s new services or products. Through social media sites, it is easier to spread information concerning a new product or services, its release or arrival dates and its features to customers.

• Knowing Customer Preferences

Social media sites also offer companies an opportunity to interact with customers and therefore get to know their preferences. This ensures that products or services can be tailored to suit the needs of the customers. Marketing campaigns can also be organized much more effectively and efficiently. The return on investment or ROI also tends to be higher if a company uses social media sites as a channel for promoting its products.

• Highly Powerful Traffic

Social media sites generate commanding traffic to the company’s website or blog. In doing so, social media sites adhere to the principles of inbound marketing by bringing only quality and relevant traffic. This is because potential clients are already interested in knowing more about the company in question.

• Opportunity for Tracking and Monitoring

Through social media sites, a company can monitor data on aspects such as how the customers found out about the company, who are they, their opinion of the company’s website or social page and where such customers went afterwards. Using such information, a company can increase its online presence and therefore build its brand.

• Multiplier Effect

A great video or article posted in a company’s social media site can be picked up by bloggers and online community and made into a hot topic. This is a public relations exercise that builds an awareness of the company and its products.

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