Three Ways To Market Your Business Website

• Search engine optimization (SEO)

It is the process of enhancing the visibility of your website in search engine’s organic-results through optimization of pages with some keyword phrases that people may most likely search for. Some of the most popular methods of increasing search organic-results include editing the existing content, increasing the number of inbound links or backlinks and removing obstacles to search engine’s indexing activities.

• Blogging and guest blogging

Providing free and original content on your website can attract new-visitors and set your business apart from others. However, writing articles for other famous blogs in a similar niche as you can be very essential in generating more traffic to your website. The inclusion of a link to your site in the biography on the post can bring new-visitors from even a source that gets more traffic as compared to your current website.

• Pay Per Click

It can be used to generate more traffic to the website from reputable search engines such as Google. A fixed price is paid for each click that your advertisement receives in the search engine. Your goal is to convert the user to realize Return On Investment (ROI). With Google AdWords, there is no spending requirement. For instance, you can set the budget as little as $5 every day or at a maximum cost of 10 cents for every click. You should concentrate on using the conversion to attain the most viable ROI. Just select a keyword phrase and search engine will assist you in getting your ad to the target market.

• Re-targeting

It involves putting a tracking-cookie on every computer of your visitor and when they exit your website, they begin to see your ads coming back. This type of advertisement enables you to access visitors who may leave without conversion, which is around 98% of all your entire traffic.

• Facebook ads

Millions of people across the world access Facebook every day. The social site is not only popular among college students and teenagers, but also to every type of the population. A recent study suggests that around 68% of people will most likely recall seeing an advertisement with a social context than the opposite. Facebook ads enable you to focus on individuals from a specific area, friend to your current fans or even guys who like other pages. It is the most cost-effective method of generating new traffic.

• YouTube

Making videos and posting on YouTube enable the content to be accessed my many people. After that, Google will index your video while others may embed it on their respective blogs and share it through social media.

• Email marketing

It is a very important tool as many people prefer to be engaged several times before purchasing. It stands out as one the of strongest methods to engage both current and potential customers. Give people attractive reasons to subscribe and then send good content continuously so that they don’t unsubscribe. Convince them to return to your site regularly by showing what they have missed since their last visit such as videos, blog post or white papers.

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