The story of the Aran Islands Knitwear website

childrens-aran-cardigans-e1389345811656When Cian Geoghegan and his wife Paula contacted us about setting up a website for their shop we went over to Galway city to check out their shop and see what we could do, and to check out if we could help.

I couldn’t believe my eyes – the Galway Woolen Market shop in 21 High Street is a veritable treasure trove of all things Aran, from traditional aran jumpers to children’s wear, and even the wool to knit your own Aran jumper!

Cian amazed me even more when he told me they had a second shop choc full of the same goodies over in Cong, Co. Mayo. We chatted about the sort of customers that come into the shops, and of course as you’d expect the majority of these are from overseas. The possibilities started to bubble up in my head – people are coming in here to buy beautiful Aran knits for themselves and for friends – yet when these people go home and their friends admire their fabulous knits, there’s NO WEBSITE where they can go and purchase these for themselves???

I wanted to say “Please Cian and Paula I’m begging ya, you gotta get yourselves a website, you’re leaving a pile of money on the table!” Of course I’m way too polite (you think?) to say something like this, so I let Freeda say it 😉

It was decided that Paula would be the person to feed me the content, organise the mammoth job of photographing the beautiful stock they carry, write up the descriptions, colour options, pricing etc. Yes, I get the easy part, all I have to do is make Paula’s work look great with an eye-catching e-commerce enabled website. I have to say Paula was a joy to work with, even though she has a young family to look after as well as the shops; she was extremely proactive on giving me all of the information, as I needed it. Paula jumped on every draft I sent her and responded within a few hours. You know what they say – if you want something done, ask a busy woman…

Nothing ever completely goes to plan, so when Paula got the pictures back from the photo shoot she discovered one of the model’s own t-shirt was peeking below the jumpers she was modeling. Easy! We brought the images into Photoshop and removed the offending item of clothing.


You can see the finished website here on Paula can now edit the site to her heart’s content, add new product lines as they come in, change prices, etc. etc.

I had a quick chat with Paula last week, she told me that in the few weeks since the website went live they’ve already started to make money from the website. And that’s before any Search Engine Optimisation has been done!



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