The Importance of Images for Internet Marketing

Your website has it all, great looks, good navigation, and superior products. What is it missing? Why do your site analytics tell you that your bounce rate is entirely too high? What can you add that will keep your people on the site for just a little while longer?

Realistically, any site will attract traffic if you work at the SEO and the content. The trick is to keep your traffic there and to get them to come back to you over and over again. More often than not, just adding new content won’t do that. Text alone simply won’t hold their interest when it comes to remaining on the site because people like examples of what they are.

One of the best ways to offer a superior experience to your internet customer is to offer them something that will stimulate the senses. Text is a good bet, but that alone won’t do the trick. Website images are imperative on any good site. People are very visual creatures. While they do want to read and understand what you’re discussing with solid well written content, they also need that element that adds visual interest to the site.

Of all of the website design tips that you’re going to get, one of the most important will be to use some good website images that are relevant to your website content.

If you are presenting a website that includes recipes, make sure that each one has some type of image attached to it. Nearly every site will offer imagery of some type, but for websites which are heavily in to producing a product, these are far more important.

Nearly every website which offers information, must include images to help you to show your users how that information should be put into play. Websites which offer things such as how to, or do it yourself information, should offer step by step website images so that your users may view how the project will look at every stage of the process.

The website that offers information on computer processes or how to build or design a website, should offer website images that are comprised of screen shots. These screen shot website images should be taken at each important stage of the process in order to provide the user with a way to see, not only how the project completes, but how the process will work. That means, taking a screen shot of the software they will see as they are uploading or the right boxes to click as they complete the work.

You can see why website images will be so important to you when you are building any site at all. Adding website images to your website and offering not only visual interest but solid value to your site is an important website design tip that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

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