Social Media Marketing Tactics

As a business owner, SEO and social media marketing are going to be the most important forms of marketing in today’s day in age. Regardless of the type of business you own, what you sell, or what services you offer to the general public, if you want the general consumer audience to know your business name, and to learn about what you have to offer to them (in comparison to other companies), you must make use of SEO and of the proper social media marketing tactics to get your site noticed.

• Register your brand

When choosing to use social media, you must register your brand or business name with the top social media sites. By simply having the branding on Facebook or Twitter, you are bound to get the notariety and the visibility you are hoping for as a business owner. Some benefits include:
– increased ranks on SEO searches;
– visibility across the US (and worldwide) rather than just locally;
– the ability to send out notifications, information on sales, and bring in new customers;
– accessibility (and allows customers to reach out to you); and,
– the fact that over 75 % of internet users today are on either of these sites, meaning you are bound to gain new customers by branding your company and brand name on the sites.
And, for those businesses that want a more “professional” image, there are also sites like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus, all which are becoming more highly used by people online.

• Distribute content

By having the visibility on social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc), you can now reach out to your customers (and potentially new customers as well). Whether you start an email campaign, post sale dates, post coupons on your account, or give off any other information to the general customer base that follows you on the site, this is going to increase visibility, online followers, and ensure higher sales and revenues. In addition to giving your customers something of value, by posting you are also going to build credibility with them, as well as with SEO searches, and with others who might not already be members of your social media page.

Display “Connect” buttons on every page –
By allowing your customers to easily connect and link to your site from anywhere on your social media page, this is going to result in much higher visitors, and may even increase sales and profits made online. The more visibility, and the easier it is to link to the site (without always having to go to the homepage), the better the chances are that your followers and customers are going to visit and connect to your site.

These are some of the basic things that any business owner should consider doing, if they want to increase their followers on social media sites. Not only will they increase visibility and get more followers and visitors, but making use of social media is one of the most affordable (most things you do are free) options for marketing, and by far the most effective option on the web.

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