Six Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is So Effective

Is Mobile Marketing Effective?

Mobile marketing delivers more success more easily than any other advertising/marketing channel ever seen before.

I feel mobile marketing is the most effective marketing tool ever and here is why:

• Speedy Conversions

An amazing 70% of mobile phone searches lead to some action inside of one hour (Borrell Association, 2011). Using comparison, 70% of on line searches result in action inside of one month. This figure alone shocked me. Think, for a second, about the significances of this stat. This reveals marketers, evidently, that people browsing on a cell phone are ready to know more about your product/company immediately. This squeezes the sales funnel tremendously.
There exists no other marketing channel which can come near these numbers.

• Top-quality Quality Conversions

Our analysis suggests that rate of conversions are Ten times higher on a mobile phone than on a typical website landing page. Basically, this implies that if a potential customer calls you, they’re 10 times more inclined to purchase your product or service than when they just visit a webpage.
What does this mean in relation to mobile marketing? Well, what happens mobile marketing is seriously good at generating cell phone calls. Google states that 61% of cellular searches end in phone calls. xAd claims that 52% of mobile ads leads to phone calls.
There’s no other marketing medium which produces telephone calls this frequently.
In short: mobile produces the highest top quality lead-source most of the time.

• Local Benefits

Google states that that 95% of smartphone users search for local info on a regular basis. 88% of these people act in just a day. This signifies that there`re instant needs people are seeking to address.
Local businesses must be able to address such needs straight away. But if your local business can’t be located on mobile search, chances are you will not exist in the next few years.

• A ‘Captive’ Crowd

If you’ve a smartphone you already know how addicted you’re to it. You realize that you can’t pull through a movie, a meal or even a visit to the rest room without checking out your phone. You’re a captive-prisoner to your gadget. This really makes promoters smile. Marketers have all along tried have their communication right in front of a potential smile. Marketers want access to customers to have their communication out. Well, mobile marketing provides you consistent access to customers. Research shows that 91% of smartphone owners have their device within arms reach 24/7/365 (Morgan Stanley, 2011).
You can’t find any other medium which offers access to potential purchasers 91% of times.

• Action

90% of mobile queries result in action, over half result in purchase (MobiThinking, 2012).

• Mobile Analytics are all too easy to track/monitor

Google Analytics is absolutely trending mobile. You are able to monitor where mobile customers are, how often they pay a visit to and even which gadget they use.

To answer our question: Is Mobile Marketing effective? The answer is a resounding YES.

Mobile marketing is, honestly, different. Mobile’s success rates and response rates are astronomically greater than any known channel of marketing seen before. Let me clarify this; in regards to instant response, no marketing channel even measures up to mobile marketing.

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