Internet Marketing – Facebook Advertising

With more than 400 million users, Facebook is a great place for business owners to gain some great visibility, and that visibility can be targeted to a specific audience. Sure, most people think of Facebook as a place to stay in touch with friends, but business owners understand the value of Facebook advertising. Just take a look at the right sidebar on any Facebook page and you will see what I mean. All of those Facebook advertisements are set up to get you, the targeted audience to take a look at what that business has to offer, and has been set up to be viewed by as many or few as desired.

Here is a little information about how you can use Facebook advertising to help build your own business.

Target your Audience

One great feature of Facebook advertising is that you can set it up to be viewed by a selected group of people. That could be by age or gender as well as geographic area. You can also set up your target audience according to education, workplace, and relationship status. Keywords are another way to target your audience while utilizing Facebook management tactics.

After you have decided on your audience, you will have to determine where you want to direct your potential clients. That could be to your own website or to an affiliate link. It could also be to a lead capture page if you are building a list.

Decide on Your Advertising Budget

Facebook advertising can be done on a cost per click or cost per thousand basis. Research has been done on the effectiveness of each of these models and it seems that the cost per click is the best way to get the most return on your investment.

When you begin your campaign, you will need to decide on a daily budget and set your Facebook management to that number. Once that number has been achieved, your ad will not be shown to any other users. These numbers can be adjusted as you determine the effectiveness of your ad.

Test Your Advertising

It does not matter where you are spending your advertising money, you should always test to make sure that you have made a wise investment. Facebook advertising is no different. By creating multiple ads and placing each one on your Facebook management tool, you will be able to see which ones are most effective, and when that is determined, you will be able to cancel those that are not performing well. It could be as easy as changing the image to attract the attention of your audience that makes the difference between ads.

The Next Step is Analysis

Facebook advertising allows you to analyse how your ads are doing with the Facebook Insights tool. This tool will help you to better understand the interests and demographics of those who are actually clicking on your ads, and which keywords caught their interest.

Better Facebook management is the key to success for your business in this Internet marketing world.

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