How Effective Is Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct mail advertisement involves the process of disseminating offers or promotions through mail to customers. Some of its pieces include prepaid envelope, order form, brochure and sales letter. Small companies also make advertisements in direct mail magazines and inserts with their counterparts to conveniently save on advertisement costs. There are many benefits associated with direct mail advertising.

How effective is Direct Mail Advertising?
One key benefit of direct mail advertising is that it’s highly targeted. A given company can buy mailing lists of customers via a reliable mailing-list distributor such as the Bradstreet, Dun or Direct Marketing Association. For instance, a small food store-owner may order list of customers who purchased food products in his/her store. The storeowner can then make direct mailings in hope acquiring these potential customers to buy things at her shop.

• Direct mailing advertising is considered to be highly measurable

A small business can easily gauge the outcomes of a single or multiple direct mail campaigns. It can be done by inputting the coupon utilized in direct mail campaigns. For instance, a small hardware can place an advertisement in the direct mail coupon-magazines that are normally distributed to neighboring homes. The owner of the store can decide to keep the expiry date on the coupon for March mailing. If a given business mails an individual direct mail-piece, the owner can write Department-712 as a given section of the address in July 2012 mailing. As a result, the owner can monitor the response to every mail and thus calculate the profitability.

• Direct mail marketing is significantly individualized

Computer programs enable small businesses to address customers by their names in direct mail campaigns. For instance, the information in the sales letter is directed to a given individual as if the business owner is communicating directly to them. Statistics indicate that more than fifty percent of potential customers will yearn to read the mail. Addressing them by their own name can be very effective in enhancing the experience and drive some to purchase the products of the company.

• Direct mail advertising has proved to be a very cost effective method of marketing

Most companies can design appealing and colorful brochures using their computer software and have numerous copies printed an affordable cost by a printing vendor. In addition, a company may mail smaller quantities of direct mail ads as a test. When the company realizes that the initial mailing is successful, they can raise the number of mail-pieces in the subsequent mailings.

• Mail advertising is very flexible

A small business can utilize postcards to effectively market its products to save on advertisement costs. They can also incorporate free samples of their wares in the mailings. A business-owner can include so much information as he wishes in direct mail campaign based on what he/she desires to spend.

They are also quicker to generate. You can make and mail a given promotion within few days or weeks. It’s therefore suitable for quickly testing potential audiences, offers and prices. You will command a complete control over your offer, the audience and the media.

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