Google Places

Nearly 20 % of all searches that are done by searches are for a specific business or location (address). For this reason, for local businesses who want to increase their visibility, get their consumers coming in the doors, and want to increase their profits and sales, you must know how to make use of Google places (as well as other similar sites), to ensure you are getting those visitors. So, these are some ways you can make Google places work for you, and help get you the desired returns, and possible new customers you are hoping for, from the searches that are being run.

• Do Keyword Research

As with traditional SEO searches, keywords are critical with Google places. When you run keyword searches, and when you do the research (there are many free keyword services on the web), you are going to get more hits for different words (with the same meaning). So, if you run a bookstore in a large city like Chicago, you may use local areas around the large city, and different variations on the term bookstore (books, book store, reading, etc). Knowing how to properly use keywords, and how to set your business up on Google places, is essential to getting the hits.

• Claim your page

Due to the fact that there are so many businesses and listings, Google can claim a page for your business, and can automatically create a page for your business if you do claim it. Once this is done, you have to claim ownership immediately; this will then allow you to properly manage the content and information which searchers are going to see when they do finally land on your page, and if there are inconsistencies or information which is currently inaccurate, you can easily go in and update it if you are the owner.

• Make info consistent

Although it seems obvious, you have to make sure the information is accurate. Some things to look for include:
– proper spelling (of the business name, address, surrounding areas, etc);
– right cross streets, intersections, and reference points;
– accurate information about what your company actually sells and offers to the general public;
– phone number accuracies and email accuracies; and,
– avoiding duplicate content (you do not want to create two places, with the same exact information. This takes away credibility, and may confuse some customers, especially if you have a loyal customer following for your stores or your site).

These and several other things can be done to make Google places work for your business. Some other things that can be done includes:
– adding photos;
– adding video;
– promoting the promos and specials your stores are currently running;
– extend local marketing efforts; and,
– customizing landing pages (especially for repeat visitors).

These and any other tactics you may want to use can greatly help your business get seen on the web. The more accurate your page is, and the more visible your Google places location is on the web, the better the chances are that consumers are going to find you.

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