Converting Your One Time Customers Into Return Customers

As a business owner, although it may seem difficult up front, it is quite easy to make one-time customers become return customers over a period of time, and a few interactions with these customers. Depending on the line of business you are in, how you interact with clients (over the phone, or in person), and depending on what kinds of products or services your company sells, saying the right thing, and offering the right incentives will go a long way to many customers.

• Customer Service

Great customer service and care is critical to any business. If customers feel special when they walk in to your stores, or when they call for a replacement order, they are going to continue coming back. Some things you can do to ensure great service includes:
– train sales staff to remember customer names and products they order;
– treat customers like friends (while still keeping it at the business level);
– make sure you have products in stock (especially if you know a particular customer is coming in or will call); and,
– greeting customers immediately when they walk in the store, but give them space (have friendly sales staff, but not pushy sales people).
Making sure customers feel welcome, and that they feel they are in an inviting environment, without being pressured to buy, are some things that ensures they will come back.

• Competitive Pricing

Regardless of how great customer service is, if customers can get something for a fraction of the cost, they will go elsewhere. So, as far as pricing, it has to be competitive; this does not necessarily mean the lowest. In many cases, customers do come to stores for great service, and stay with a company for loyalty reasons. So, as long as the prices you charge are competitive, and fair (in comparison to other local retailers), if you offer the very best customer service, and know how to treat your customers, even if you are not the very lowest in cost, you may still keep them coming back to your stores.

• Great Product Line

In order to keep customers coming back, you have to have the most desirable products in stock. Making sure you know what customers are looking for (in your company’s line of business), and ensuring it is always in stock, is essential to bringing customers back. If they know they can rely on your stores, no matter when they come in to buy, this is going to lead to a continual relationship, as opposed to them coming in only once, and never stepping foot in your stores (or calling) in the future.

There are many things a business can do to make a one-time customer a lifetime client. It is essential to know your clientele, what they are looking for, and what they need; but, it is just as important to have a great staff, committed service, and offer pricing that is comparable to the local market, if you want to keep customers coming back for more business in the future.

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