Your Business Website Needs to Attract New Customers

website training dublinThe world is continuing to move towards being more digital, and businesses that fail to take advantage of the Internet to help promote their businesses simply won’t be able to achieve the level of success they could have had they used a website. Your business website is an important aspect of your business, as it what will help to interest and attract new customers to use your company’s services.

There are a few important aspects for any business website, and without these elements your website will be a failure. When planning your business website, here are the five most important aspects to take into account.

1. Who You Are
If someone visits your site, he wants to know exactly who you are. You need to provide visitors to your website with as much information about you and your online business as possible, as that is what will allow him to understand and trust you. There are thousands of online scams, and most of these scam websites contain no information about the owner of these sites. Many people have become used to associating a lack of information with a scam, so you should ensure that you provide sufficient information to give people a sense of integrity and honesty from your business.

2. What You Do
If people come to your site, they are interested in your services. However, if they have no idea what your services are, they will never be able to make the decision to purchase them. You need to ensure that your business website has sufficient information about your company, and that people who visit your website can easily understand what exactly you do. If you provide a service, make it plain on your site. Make your purpose clear and unambiguous in order to keep visitors on your site.

3. Interesting Content
Interesting content, also known as sticky content, is information provided on your site that will keep readers coming back to your site. You should provide as much of this sticky content as possible, as that is what will help you to have enough traffic to make a profit with your website. Use articles, blog posts, images, videos, and anything you can think of to keep people coming back.

4. Contact Info
Many people will want to contact you, and you must place your contact information clearly on your web page. Your website should ensure that your contact details are placed somewhere visible and easily seen by visitors. Your contact information is the only way that people have of contacting you, and you will lose a lot of potential clients if you fail to place that information visibly on your site.

5. Comment Box
The best way to understand your customers is by hearing directly from them, and a comments box is the best way to do this. Place a box where people can communicate their thoughts directly with you, and you will be able to serve your clients better.

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