Business Pay Per Click – PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are one area where many Irish business owners are already investing in online marketing for their business. You may be one of those who recognise the value of such campaigns in finding potential clients. One of the major advantages in PPC campaigns is the fact that you can be up and running with traffic actually coming to your website in as little as one day.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns can also be very expensive. However, they can be greatly downsized and often even completely eliminated by the effective use of an online marketing strategy. You can easily spend a lot less on your PPC campaign than you have previously if your business is consistently at the top of search engine results. However, PPC campaigns are still important tools that can remain as a part of a good online marketing strategy, especially for extremely competitive keyword searches.

The Right Keyword ResearchKeyword research will be the thing that makes your PPC campaigns work like never before. If you have your keyword research done correctly, you will have a list of keywords that are used when people search for something your business could provide, including very specific long-tail keywords. These keywords will not only be the ones most commonly used, but also the ones that have the fewest PPC matches for them. This means that when someone uses those keywords your ad will appear at the top, not mixed in somewhere with endless others.

Keyword research makes all the difference between hit or miss PPC campaigns and ones that really work and have a high rate of conversions to sales for the number of click-throughs that you get. Having professional management of your PPC campaigns can mean huge savings and much greater results. Or, if you have the time, take a class and learn how to manage your own PPC campaign.

Geo-Targeting Your Ads

Most people do not realise about this PPC option. However, it allows you to target your PPC ads to just the people in your area who are searching for a given term. Using geo-targeting, a search from someone in your geographic area for a generic term like “plumber” would reveal your ad, whereas someone in another area that you don’t serve who searches for “plumber” would not see your ad.

Using Google Ads and other PPC services you can choose to have your ads shown only to people living in certain cities or counties. By doing so you can bid on very generic terms that previously would not have been a good choice. This is possible because search engines know where searchers are located.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns have a part to play in any good business marketing online campaign to get your business on front of your potential clients.

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