A Social Media Case Study – Julie Conway Freelance Make-Up Artist

make-up-160x106I’m often asked what would you post about when you look after clients by providing treatments for a living.

Julie Conway has an active social media presence, and she’s not just posting before and after pictures of the makeup looks she achieves, she posts pictures of herself actually doing things like preparing for a wedding party of six, and all of the different tasks she does on a daily basis.

And while her everyday tasks probably seem pretty routine to her — after all, that’s what she does all day, every day — to her audience (including me) it’s really fascinating! We get to peek into the life of a make up artist and see her create fabulous looks with her make up, from fashion shoots to wedding parties, graduation balls and all of the other events and occasions she works her magic at.

This simple social media posting strategy allows her audience to see her expertise, talent and genuine love of what she does. You can feel a real connection to the person and to her business.

That connection is exactly what people are looking for before they commit to making a buying decision. And that’s what regular blogging can achieve for you. Does Julie get clients from her blog and from her social media efforts? Heck yes, besides referrals from other clients that’s where ALL of her business comes from.

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