Facebook for Beginners Course

Against all odds, you may know someone who still hasn’t succumbed to the charms of Facebook. Maybe you’re a beginner yourself. Or perhaps you just haven’t had the time to explore the world’s most popular social network.

Beginners Facebook is a comprehensive online course for those eager to learn more about the basics of Facebook.

Learn at your own speed from the comfort of your own home or office, you can follow along with the training videos, and very soon you’ll go from being a Facebook novice to a skilled Facebook user.

Here’s some of what we will cover on this comprehensive course:

  • How to correctly set up your Facebook Profile
  • Manage your Privacy settings
  • News Feed and Timeline view
  • How to add Friends
  • What the “Subscribe” feature is all about
  • How to post status updates, photos, videos and links
  • Tagging
  • The difference between a Profile and a Page
  • How to correctly set up a Page
  • The “Like” Button
  • Using Facebook on your Mobile

Who This Facebook Course is suited to:

This course is for people who want to have a thorough knowledge of the basics of Facebook. If you already have a good grasp of all of the basic functions of Facebook and you want to find out how to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business then check out the Facebook Mastery Course.