Making Google Places Work For Your Business

Getting found online by people who are searching for your services or products in a highly competitive market during an economic recession can sometimes mean the difference between staying in business, or becoming a business insolvency statistic. So if you intend to stay competitive, advertise your products and services free and stand out from the crowd, you need to get on to Google Maps and stake your claim with Google Places.

Beyond being found, you will want to add videos, photos and reviews to your listing. You can also highlight promotions and post live updates about what’s going on in your business. Google Places is open 24/7, so if you have a special promotion in the works, you can quickly and easily get it promoted for no money outlay.


Business Pay Per Click – PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are one area where many Irish business owners are already investing in online marketing for their business. You may be one of those who recognise the value of such campaigns in finding potential clients. One of the major advantages in PPC campaigns is the fact that you can be up and running with traffic actually coming to your website in as little as one day.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns can also be very expensive. However, they can be greatly downsized and often even completely eliminated by the effective use of an online marketing strategy. You can easily spend a lot less on your PPC campaign than you have previously if your business is consistently at the top of search engine results. However, PPC campaigns are still important tools that can remain as a part of a good online marketing strategy, especially for extremely competitive keyword searches.

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Get Your Website Found With SEO

learn search engine optimisationGood SEO will transform your website from whatever it is presently, to a search engine optimised version that is much more attractive to search engines. This is extremely important in getting your Irish website ranked as high as possible on the search engine results. The things that are appealing to a search engine are not the same as those things that are aesthetically pleasing on a website. In many cases such fancy programming such as flash on a site is a negative for search engines.

Analyse What You Have


Is Your Website Secured Against Hackers?

hacked website IrelandNowadays every business needs a strong online presence – a website that will attract visitors and then provide them with the information they are looking for to help them to make the decision to contact your business. But have you given any thought as to how secure your website is from hackers?

Website security is often only considered when it’s too late, and your site has been hacked. The resulting inconvenience and headaches this can cause for the business owner can be disruptive at best, and is often very damaging to any business. It’s surprising to find most business owners don’t have a crash / hack recovery service. They don’t even have a back-up copy of their website. So when the site goes down, or is the victim of a malicious hacker, the site has to be re-written from scratch.

NOT securing your website from hackers is akin to getting an alarm put on your house after the burglars have been in and cleaned out all of your valuables – while you had no house insurance!

Here are some of the many ways a hacker can gain access to your website…


The Importance of Lead Capture On Your Website

lead capture websiteBy adding a lead capture system to your website you are taking the destiny of your Irish business into your own hands. No longer are you simply a passive participant who casts a line and waits for the fish to come to you.

With a lead capture system you have the opportunity to get the names and contact information of people who visit your site for any reason. This means that you can now build a database of potential customers that you can market to. When you need more business you market to those people and you can create cash on demand.

All types of sales are dependent on leads. Therefore having a lead capture system is a wise move in your online marketing strategy. It gives you something tangible to work from when you need more sales. And who doesn’t need more sales?

A lead capture system is simply an (more…)